Tuesday, November 01, 2011


I can't believe that it's already....

  • and it has been freezing lately! But thankfully we didn't get the snow that further north got. And thankful that our heater works now.
  • On Saturday I had a great time taking photos of my new baby niece! She is so cute! Still working on editing the photos and getting them to the parents. I'll get a sneak peek up here soon though.
  • We had a good day on Sunday and enjoyed church and our new Sunday school class.
  • Holiday and traveling season is starting....we're busy planning trips to Georgia, Baltimore, and Greensboro. Looking forward to spending the season with our families.
  • I am heading up to Baltimore tomorrow for a quick visit and leaving Andy behind. I was busy today getting ready and getting the house cleaned. I'm sure Andy and our dog will do just fine without me....and I'll probably have to do more cleaning when I get back, but oh well.

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