Monday, November 21, 2011

monday and sick....

I could tell towards the end of the week that I was getting a cold. And yep, somehow managed to catch one (I was really hoping I could stay healthier now that I stay at home and don't handle germ-y money everyday) that hit me hard on Saturday and Sunday. I basically didn't get out of our recliner chair for two days straight. Watched a ton of movies, drank lots of OJ and water, and caught up on all my DVR shows from vacation. hen I was feeling like doing something a little productive, I got the last few photos from my sister's family photo session edited and up on my online viewing site for her. But that was really about it - all weekend. 

It did give me time to play with a birthday gift that my husband surprised me with - an Amazon Kindle Fire!

When I was out shopping with him for something work related at Staples, I had mentioned I had thought about it - you know, since it was coming out right around my birthday and all. I figured we could sell the one we had and I could use some birthday money towards it....but just hadn't decided that I really could justify it. I mean we both have plenty of mobile devices with us being a 2 laptop, 2 iphone household. An iPad would be an awesome toy, but thats all I could see it as - an expensive toy. But I had been thinking that I tend to do a lot of my photo/design work at a table/desk anyway and would actually like to leave it docked there a little more and maybe hook it up to a monitor to see my edits better on a little bigger screen. Thats when I could see myself using an iPad or something - if I left my laptop more stationary and then just used a tablet while surfing in the evenings while watching TV or whatever. So even though I hadn't totally talked myself into it, Andy decided to surprise me with one anyway.

I have to admit it is totally not something we need - but it is fun. And it has been nice to have while sick - much less energy to hold up than a laptop. Propped it up on a pillow in front me and caught up on all my blog reading that I had been really behind on. It's not an iPad, and it does have some downsides, but for the price it's a lot better choice for us right now. I like having all my books on it too and I've been reading a little more lately since its right there in front of me. The screen and images are great and the backlit is kind of nice at night - even though I know its not as good for your eyes as the regular kindle ink - but I like being able to leave the lights off and read in bed while husband sleeps. 

So this has been my productive point for today - cleaning up a little in the kitchen, making a list of ingredients that I need for baking (and hopefully feeling up to going out to get tomorrow), and blogging. Now back to napping on the couch - since I am still not feeling great. I have been drinking a lot, vitamins, airbourne, and decongestant to try and get better faster - for Thanksgiving! Also trying to avoid my inevitable pattern of getting a cold, then getting horrible ear infections/bronchitis, then having major asthma issues. Which happens a few times. a. year. without. fail. I was just really hoping that it would more avoidable if I wasn't working around so many people/germs like I had been for the past few years. I've also got husband on airbourne and vitamins to try and keep him from getting anything. So here's hoping and praying. And napping.

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