Monday, October 03, 2011

on a fall Monday morning....

It was cold this morning! So cold that I contemplated turning on the heat or at least seeing if it works ok....I decided not to but put these comfy boots on instead to help warm up.

Last week we had a great visit with Andy's mom and grandmother. They drove up from Georgia on Wednesday and stayed with us until Friday morning when they left to visit Andy's sister up in Greensboro. I took them around town and we had lunch outside in a cute little downtown area on Thursday. When we got home, Andy was back from work and grilled chicken for us all. We were so thankful they could make the trip and glad that we have a good guest bedroom for them to stay in now. 

Andy and I had a fun weekend. We went out to dinner and a movie on Friday night. We saw Moneyball - it was a book Andy had read a few months ago and I didn't mind seeing it since Brad Pitt was in it.... It was pretty good. Andy said the book was better, but they did a decent job. I just didn't like all the baseball tobacco spitting going on throughout the whole movie.  

Saturday I went to a Bible study and then was checking out a little antique store nearby. I found a picture frame I liked and when I went to pay, the shop owner asked me if I had been up to Cameron yet. I didn't know what she was talking about, but asked what was going on there. She said it was a huge outdoor antique fair that takes over the little town of Cameron - they hold it the first Saturday of every October and May. She said it was definitely worth the 45 minute drive. So I hopped in the car and went to check it out.

It. Was. Awesome. So awesome that I didn't get any iphone photos or anything because I was too busy wandering around, wishing I had gotten there sooner since it closed up at 5pm (and I didn't get there until 3pm). So many people/shops set up tables, tents, stuff on blankets....great antique, old, and vintage things for amazing prices. I ended up getting a cool old suitcase (to use for photography), some bottles for vases, a wire crate, and an old scale for the kitchen. And maybe a few other little things... Definitely putting it on my calendar for May!

And today I got a lot of things done. And I got out my paints and did a painting for a possible painting gig I'm thinking about doing. I am excited by the possibility to work and paint on a regular basis, since I really do love it and I forget how much I enjoy painting. I'll keep you posted if things work out.

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