Tuesday, October 04, 2011

living room photos...

Since I finally got it finished, and since it was clean for company, and since my mom wants more photos of the house.....here are a few more pics of the living room.
I need a wider angle lens. But here is most of the living room in two side-by-side pics. You've seen the sofa and curtains before on the blog. I found a fun vase that is tall enough to be seen from behind the sofa while it is sitting on our homemade console table (cinder blocks and boards from Home Depot and then I spray painted the boards dark brown - I couldn't find one long enough and its never seen anyway -  we just need something back there to put drinks and things on). 

The left side is what you probably haven't seen. I had been looking for a chair for that spot and Andy originally was so happy with the sofa that he said we didn't need the lazy boy recliner he had always wanted. So a few weeks ago, I found a more decorative chair that I came home and told Andy I was thinking about getting. He decided to come along and get it and.....we ended up getting this red glider recliner instead of the (probably not that comfortable but really cute) chair I was going to get. He talked me into it. And I talked him into at least getting a fabric one so the whole living room doesn't look like a leather man cave. And now I sit there all time. 

The red desk is the wood, beat-up desk that I got in Raleigh. I painted it red and then went over it with a black glaze and rubbed it off a bit. I am not sure about the chair. We already had it and it kinda matches....I might paint it eventually. The painting is one that my grandmother painted and I got when I was up in Maryland for her funeral. 

I had been thinking about doing a gallery wall on this wall for a while. I had a pile of random frames and things I was thinking about adding to it sitting in that corner for weeks - taunting me. After we got the chair and I finished the desk, I knew it was finally time to commit to putting the wall up. I love how it turned out. And there is room to add on - I am still thinking about making a wide sign type piece to put on top and I just got a fun frame at the antique store that I might paint and put on the right side. The other painting is another one of my grandmothers that I have had for a while to touch up - and I still need to touch it up....but I hung it anyway since I loved the colors for this room. The stamps framed on the far right were a gift to Andy from a volunteer - they are all Red Cross stamps. And my musician brother will be proud - the larger framed piece on the bottom row is sheet music. It's an old piece I found years ago at an antique store and just re-discovered after unpacking - the music is some old song titled "There's a Girl in the Heart of Maryland (with a heart that belongs to me)".

So that's our living room as it is right now. More house pics coming up.
What do you think?

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