Friday, October 14, 2011

it's friday...

I meant to write a blog post all week.....

I was going to write about what a nice weekend we had up at the lake with Andy's family. Andy really needed to get away from work stress and relax and we both had a good time visiting with everyone. I thought this huge rice krispie treat that Rae's sister brought was really fun. Andy and his dad both loved it. We also got together with all his siblings on Sunday for a birthday lunch to celebrate all the October/November birthdays (there were 4 of us!). We are so thankful that we got to go up there and had a great time.

I haven't even been too busy a whole lot this week outside of working on some things from home....the bottom left pic is how a lot of my week looked - I was using both laptops to get a lot done. And Maggie helped by sitting next to me at the door. I did have an emotional day and decided to go get a pedicure. Such good therapy! And while running a few errands, I finally got to try a salted carmel mocha. I liked it a lot at first, but it was a little too sweet for the last half where everything was settling. 

And I guess that was our week! Happy weekend!

life rearranged

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  1. Love the polish, i have the same color on mine right now!! I tired the same drink at Starbucks, I just like mine really hot and I guess the whipped cream on top cools it they have a microwave??? haha!!!