Friday, October 28, 2011

friday pics...

It's Friday....
here's a little look at our week in iPhone pics....

  1. yum...Friday night sangria!
  2. leftover pizza from Carrabba's for lunch
  3. Sunday morning freezing temps - but we made it to the early service at church and really enjoyed it.
  4. I was returning something at TJ Maxx and made the mistake of looking at the shoes. Found these heels and had to try them on. I wasn't quite sure about them, but decided they were really cute and pretty comfortable. So I ended up getting them.
Working on another painting for the wine and paint shop.

  1. After taking Maggie to get groomed - she was so nice and clean and fluffy.
  2. Always exciting to get packages!
  3. Dinner outside on a nice fall night.
  4. Made a tutu while watching TV one night.
Happy Friday everyone!

life rearranged


  1. I saw those shoes in your thumbnail pic and had to read more! Darling. So glad you made that purchase. Fun pics. :)

  2. Abi, I love that pear! I have a mass produced pear canvas from Ikea, but your pear would look much better in my living room.

    And it looks like my husband was having dinner at your house. Steak and Octoberfest, his ideal meal.