Tuesday, October 18, 2011

blogging while I wait....

Random bullet post typing to kill time while waiting on a repairman to fix our heater so we don't freeze this winter.

  • I am waiting on him to get finished so I can go have lunch with an old high school friend. It is so random - we were both homeschooled in high school and played on a home school volleyball team together for a couple of years. She was really good. I wasn't but had fun trying. We graduated together along with about 20 others at our home school graduation ceremony. Haven't seen her since then. But she saw me a few weeks ago at WalMart and since we're facebook friends, she sent me a message asking if it was me and what I was doing in NC. Such a small world! We are finally getting together for lunch whenever this guy gets finished! Thankfully she is pretty flexible and we've texted back and forth so she knows what's going on. 
  • On Friday night I got together with some photographers in the area and we had fun shooting at some random old train stations downtown. I took several photos I really like of their cute kids who were our models.
  • This weekend was pretty blah. I had a migraine and was bored and upset that my head wouldn't stop pounding - my poor husband tried to stay out of my way and watched a lot of football. I was a little better on Sunday and we tried to go to church. But it unfortunately didn't happen. We went to the new church that we've only been to a few times and there were a lot of people outside and a big processional of what looked like most of the church and all of the choir singing walking across the street. We were confused and had no clue what was going on. We watched a little and drove around looking for somewhere to park. We couldn't find parking and ended up leaving. We tried to make it to another church we had talked about trying before we decided on that one instead. But we were a about 10 minutes late and my husband won't go into a church late so we didn't go there either. I was pretty bummed. But oh well - God knows we tried, right?
  • We ended up going to lunch and Home Depot instead of church. At Home Depot my husband always finds too much, but he probably says the same thing about me and craft stores. We came home and did some yard work - trying to get it to look a little more decent!
  • He is still working on the heater. I really thought it was going to be a quick fix. In fact we were thinking it might have just been the pilot light being put out when they fixed the hot water heater. Guess not. I think I'm going to go out and see what all is going on and how much longer he thinks it will take - I feel horrible for keeping my new (old) friend waiting!
  • Oh and I got a pumpkin. Our attempt at a fall pic is below.

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