Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I have an adorable niece....

This photo is from last year - when she was 2 yr. old. Today she turns 3! She is even more adorable and my sister sent me the best video clip of her opening the card we sent her. She was excited about getting mail, but then got really excited about the MONEY in the card. We sent her $3 since she is 3. Her mom can take her to the dollar store or Target dollar aisle or something. 

And as of yesterday, we have another niece! Andy's brother and his wife welcomed their daughter, Leena into the world. We are so happy for them and looking forward to meeting her. They are going to let me take some newborn photos of her so I will be heading up there to take them soon. I've heard that she is really cute and I am sure I will be showing off lots of photos. 

Also a big Happy Birthday to my awesome sister-in-law, Jen! I miss her and my brother Patrick and hope to get to see them soon. We have lots of October birthdays, but these three are really close!

{and un-birthday related}
We had a good weekend. I managed to lock myself out of the house on Friday and walked to Sonic and Target to keep myself busy for a few hours until Andy could get out of work. We made it to the early service at our new church and are really enjoying it. We met some people and tried out a new Sunday school class. Feels good to have a church home and start to get involved. Andy did a little yard work and even washed our cars. So sweet!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your niece! And Happy Birth Day to your other niece! I'm looking forward to seeing those newborn shots. =>