Wednesday, September 21, 2011

what I'm loving Wednesday....

This week I am loving.....
  • my new hair cut and color! My friend (who used to be my neighbor at the apartments and has now moved too - she lives about 15 min. from our new place) is graduating from Aveda beauty school and needed some people to practice on for her portfolio. I went over to her place on Sunday and she did an awesome job! And I brought my camera and set up the shots so she could get some good quality pics. It was a great deal for both of us - free hair for me and portfolio photos for her. I am also going to take some pro head shots for her at some point. Trading skills instead of cash is fun!

  • new TV shows starting this week....

I got into Castle last started up on Monday night

Biggest Loser - started last night
But it's weird this year without Jillian Michaels

and Modern Family and The Middle are tonight.

  • These fun recipes I have recently tried:
CopyKat Boston Market Sweet Potato Casserole - so good! 
And I used a little less butter and all that so it was a little healthier maybe....
Source: via Abigail on Pinterest

Chick-fil-a nuggets - for my husband since he doesn't  get them normally since they fry with peanut oil.
They turned out pretty good and were really easy.

  • I saw this idea on (where else?) Pinterest and love it. Since I am not great at keeping plants alive...I thought I might try cacti - this blogger's idea of planting them in a flour sifter is really fun for the kitchen or wherever.
Source: via Abigail on Pinterest

  • and I'm loving that I am not feeling bad like on Monday....weird back pain and more migraines....but feeling better today. And I'm off to check out a women's Bible study. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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