Wednesday, September 07, 2011

what I'm loving Wednesday...

I am loving not having a migraine today! I had a few this weekend and a really bad one that woke me up at 4am yesterday morning and lasted all. day. long. I was miserable. 

But I am so glad I'm feeling better today!

I am doing a few exciting things like laundry and grocery shopping today, but thought I'd share a few other things that I'm loving. 

This is the glaze - found at Home Depot this weekend. 
I am using it over the desk that I painted to go in the living room.
It gives it a neat look and shows the wood imperfections - which makes it look interesting.

Of all the movies I watched this weekend, this was my favorite. Really funny. The other two movies were "How Do You Know" with Reece Witherspoon and "The Switch" with Jennifer Aniston. They were both kinda cute but just ok...."How do you know" was pretty slow in parts. 


I got this scarf at World Market this it!

And this is too funny...I found it on pinterest (which I also love...there is a link on the side of my blog if you want to follow me and/try it out) but can't find where the person who pinned it found it. So I might just have to make my own...

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  1. LOVE Morning Glory-- so hilarious! And what a cute pinterest poster :)