Tuesday, September 06, 2011

weekend adventures...

Hope everyone had a good Labor day weekend. Andy enjoyed his extra day off and decided to go with his dad to their annual family reunion in Georgia. I knew they would have a good time together and needed some guy time, so I stayed home. 

And I had a good time myself. I watched redbox DVDs and ate a lot of chips and salsa and veggies and dip. I shopped. And I painted. 

On Saturday I did a little road trip and went through a few small towns and up to Raleigh, stopping at some antique and thrift stores I found out about online. This is my end of the day photo with all of my fun finds.

In the town of Dunn, NC, I was heading to Sunrise Antique store and saw a thrift store that had a lot of things sitting outside and stopped there first. Turns out they were giving clothes away because they had too much stock for their store! It was great and I didn't find anything to wear, but grabbed some clothes to re-use the fabrics for sewing and crafts. I also found the big painting that I am going to paint over and use the canvas.

Someone at the thrift store told me about the town's Habitat Re-Store and gave me directions. At Habitat I found the fun antique umbrella that will be great for photoshoots and the pretty beat up rolling filing chest. I got them both really cheap and am in the process of cleaning and sanding off the filing chest to re-paint it. I think it will work great in my office and will replace the plastic filing drawers I am currently using that don't really match anything.

At the antique store I found a few fun things. I got that tin (above) that I thought was neat and is actually a sewing kit - inside is a bunch of random old and newer sewing notions that I'll either use or gift to my mom. I also got the ruler and the very fun camera! I am starting to collect antique cameras to put in my studio and also to use for photo props and this one was only $8! Love it!

In Raleigh I did a little other shopping (World Market, Home Goods, TJ Maxx...), but I did go to one really fun antique/vintage store that is going to be a new favorite stop whenever I'm in the area. It's called Father & Son and is in the downtown area of Raleigh. It is just a really fun mix of a little bit of everything, including an art gallery on the top floor. It had a lot of vintage clothes and reminded me of some of the shops in the Hampden area of Baltimore. I got the wood desk and and the purple office chair (that the shop owner knew wasn't antique or vintage but was selling it cheap with some of the dealers other things). 

This is another find for my studio/office - love the color and it's a pretty comfortable chair. My studio is getting there and I'll post photos as soon as it's done. 

The kinda funny, kinda stress-inducing part of my little trip was that for some reason I had decided that morning to take Andy's little car (since he had driven down to the reunion with his dad). I think I was thinking about the gas milage or some little detail like that....but I apparently didn't think I would find so much. I barely made it home with all my finds. I had the filing chest and the chair in the back seat and the desk didn't quite fit in the trunk. I had to go and buy a few bungee cords to get the trunk to stay down for the drive home. I really should've brought my SUV! It would've made things a lot easier. 

Sunday I visited a church that I liked and may try and get Andy to go back and visit again with me. I started sanding and painting. And watched another movie. Monday morning I helped a friend and then Andy called and told me that his Great-Aunt died. I had to go down to South Carolina and meet him and his dad so that I could pick him up since he had to be at work in the morning and his dad had decided to stay and see about funeral arrangements. 

And that was our weekend. Not highly exciting.....but not too bad.

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