Thursday, September 15, 2011


I don't know where this week has gone. Well I sorta do...just can't believe it's already Thursday!

This weekend was busy. On Friday night there were a few Red Cross events that I went with Andy to and then Saturday we had to get up really early (4am) to brew coffee for another Red Cross thing. It was way too early, but kinda neat. We got the coffee ready and then took it to serve to some bikers (the Harley kind) who were riding their motorcycles across the country to support the military. The American Red Cross SAF was serving them coffee and Chick-fil-a brought breakfast that morning. Thankfully we now live close and were less than 5 min. from that event site. So even though it was crazy early, it was much better than if we still lived an hour away! Andy an all day work thing to do after that, so since I was up, I went to some yard sales. I got a few things, but didn't find a whole lot of good ones. I found some great clearance patio furniture and got things set up on our deck for a cookout when Andy got home. Trying to get him to relax a little since he has had to be at work and working from home a lot lately!

On Sunday I went up to Durham for a photography meetup and had a great time. We had fun and I got some good photos for my portfolio. I also got the opportunity to meet up with a few photographers here  in Fayetteville last night and we shot a little. It was nice to meet them and network a little. I have been busy working on photography business things and am getting ready to officially "launch" and start advertising. More details and I'll be showing off my new sites soon! That's honestly what has been consuming most of my week. 

But here are a few "apple" photos for the You Capture challenge that I have not been good at remembering to enter for the last few weeks. When I was up in Durham, I stopped at Southpoint and checked out a few stores - including the Apple store.


  1. Very creative! Love the statue in that first one!

  2. Great pictures, I love how the apple store is oput of focus in the first shot.

  3. My Mac and I love your take on this week's prompt! I love the sculpture.