Friday, September 02, 2011

iPhone friday...

Here's a few random iPhone pics from the week...

Saw this bottle of wine and Target and loved the packaging.
So I bought it.
Yep - based on the bottle.
But it was pretty good too.

One thing about the new house that we are not crazy about....a big yard.
With hills.
So husband cut the flat parts, but I had to do the hills since his 
hip injury leaves him unstable on uneven surfaces.

On Saturday night. 
After Irene.
The sky was gorgeous and the night was calm.

I saw this door/windows turned table at our new local Habitat Re-Store and loved it!

Everyday, about a half hour until Andy is supposed to come home - 
you can find Maggie sitting at the door and waits for him.

Our third wedding anniversary was yesterday.

We went out for a delicious dinner at the Carolina Ale House. Yum!

Check out some more pics here:
life rearranged


  1. Love your pics. I'm bad about buying things just for the package too! You never know what your missing. Right?

  2. That bottle of wine is ADORABLE!!! PA is lame so we can't buy wine from Target,Aldi or anything fun like that :(

  3. I always buy my wine based on the label too! I don't know any other way :) Visiting from the linky!

  4. I buy bottles of wine based on the label too! Check out my insta-gram post this week :) Have a great weekend. I'm visiting from Life Rearranged.

  5. I always buy that same exact wine as a wedding gift to go along with the card and monetary gift we give our friends. I have not idea what it tastes like : ) I'm glad you thought it was good!