Friday, September 16, 2011

instagram friday...

Here are some more pics from my phone from the week:

Found these fun basic sandals on clearance for less than $5!
I had to paint my toes since I had on fun new shoes....
love this dark teal color!

On Saturday morning we got up eaaarly (yes it was so early that it required 3 "a"s)
to serve coffee, OJ, and the biscuits that Chick-fil-a donated.

Since Andy had to work all day Saturday, I set up the patio with 
new (end of summer clearance) furniture and the grill we had been
talking about buying (since our old one had gotten broken in the move).
Husband was surprised (and making a goofy face).

So we have enjoyed several dinners outside this week.

Our dog, Maggie, likes us hanging outside with her.
I need to wear more bug spray though - I have a lot of itchy bites right now.

So I went over to Target on Tuesday morning to check out the Missoni craze.

I didn't actually like the clothes too much. I might have been tempted my the cute flats but they were out of my size.

But I loved this rug!

It was a pretty large bathroom rug and I briefly considered getting it since the purples and greens would go good in our bedroom. I couldn't quite figure out how that would work too well and couldn't justify the $30. Now I'm slightly regretting not getting it and a few of the cardigans I didn't like to re-sell on ebay. Missoni stuff is going for like triple the sticker price on there since it's all sold out in stores and online I think. Pretty crazy. I just ended up getting two little candle holders that are blown glass and not zig-zagg-y. 

I loved the weather being a little cooler here this week
 - in the low 80s (feels a lot better than 90s!) - 
and worked outside a few afternoons.

Happy weekend everyone!

life rearranged


  1. Such a cute pup! Seriously go to my blog I'm giving away a pair of flats (I thought they were the best too) my first giveaway!

  2. I bought the toddler the Missoni rainboots last week and she loved them so much, she has worn them every day- and it has yet to rain! :D

    Over from Life Rearranged!

  3. I meant to also say- I love your blog banner! My husband is a PC person (even though we have pretty much every other Apple product). I am still trying to get him to try a Mac. ;)

  4. Target is dangerous. I'm not so sure I get the Missoni craze either. But that rug is awesome. Glad to hear your hubby got a sweet surprise with a new bbq. So awesome when the stuff you want goes down in price. It makes you kinda want to never buy at full price and wait. But oh the gamble!