Monday, September 26, 2011

grilling a chicken...

This weekend was good. We had a relaxing Saturday. I did a little shopping, Andy napped, and then we took Maggie to the dog park. On Sunday we made it up for an early contemporary service at a church we both really like. We are both really excited that we found a great church already and are looking forward to getting to know people there and getting involved. And then Andy talked me into going to the Waffle House after church. He keeps thinking that I will eventually love the Waffle House like he does. But I won't. Not a fan.

To make up for a not great brunch, Andy made me dinner. He wanted to try grilling a "drunken chicken".... I wasn't too sure about it so I stayed out of the way (except to take photos).

The random beer can contraption that we found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
Who knew they made these things?

Chicken on top of the cheap beer, being seasoned.

Seasoned chicken with butter...dripping off....

The chicken looks like it's running away from the flames.

But the problem....the chicken on the beer can ended up
being too tall for the grill to close like Andy wanted.
He kinda closed it anyway...and it worked out. 
He was just looking a little grumpy and shaking his head in this photo.

It worked great though! 
Finished right in the amount of time Andy thought it would take.
He even made some corn on the side and I grabbed a few veggies inside.

It was delicious!

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  1. Ok, disregard that last comment. Clearly it works! I used to work at BBB and always wanted to buy the beer can thing. Sounds like a good time!