Tuesday, September 20, 2011

blog swap...

A few weeks ago, I heard about a fun blog swap hosted by Leeann. I signed up and a few days ago I got a really fun package in the mail from a sweet gal up in DC.

Jenna was my blog swap partner and she sent me all of this:

The rules for the swap were easy - spend about $20 on a few of your favorite things to send to your partner. Jenna sent me a cheese plate and spreaders because she likes to cook and host, watercolor pencils, and a few more of her fave things: new matte nail polish, moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner, and lotion. Very fun things to try and I love the nail polish color!

Also loved the card she included - it's from an etsy artist, Art Shark. Such a great print! And it reminds me of my first date with Andy...I was in working in Catonsville, MD and he was up in DC at seminary. I met up with him in DC and we ended up walking around the mall and in this very area talking for hours. Love it! I am thinking about framing it and hanging it up on my gallery wall.

Thanks so much Jenna!


  1. Glad you liked it!!!! Thank you for your sweet comment-- I'll be blogging as soon as I recover from the craziness this week! And what a SWEET date! I love it :)

  2. It was a fun swap to participate in! I am glad I did! Looks like you got some neat stuff!

  3. Seriously got cold chills when reading the card part - did she know? If not, that's just crazy :)

    Thanks so much for signing up! I'm glad you had a great experience. I love that the things you got are unique and practical!

  4. I love the note card! And Etsy is a great place to shop! :D

  5. Great stuff! That card is totally cute. I had participating in the swap too.