Thursday, September 01, 2011

3 years...

Today is our third anniversary.

It's been another amazing and crazy year of marriage. We have been through a lot of stress and a lot of fun times together and we are very blessed. And even though he does things that drive me crazy like always leaving pens in his pants pockets (and occasionally ruining loads of laundry with them....) and somehow always managing to trim his beard on exactly the day after I clean the bathroom sink....I am still very thankful to be married to him. I am sure I do lots of things that drive him nuts too - right now it's probably all my crazy furniture painting ideas.

We have been so blessed to have so many awesome friends who stood by us, 
helped us on our wedding day and have been there for us throughout our marriage. 
Love these girls!

Our families' have both been amazingly supportive. (I have great in-laws!)

I have so many fun memories of our wedding day!
We both agree that it was a perfect day for us.

Tonight we are going out to dinner to celebrate. When I talked to Andy today I told him that I even was getting dressed up for the occasion - meaning out of the yoga pants wardrobe I've been sporting lately. And while I'm waiting for Andy to get off work - here is a photo of the painting I did for our first anniversary in it's new spot in our bedroom.

I still really like it - which I don't always say about my paintings. And I love how it matches the paint color that the bedroom was already painted. It was in pretty good condition so we decided not to ask if we could re-paint it and just enjoy it as is. 

And I finally think the dresser looks good - I painted/distressed it and our other dresser months ago and somewhat regretted it after I was finished. I think it and the other  (larger) dresser were too much of that color or something. But when we moved we knew we wouldn't have room for the larger dresser so we sold that on craigslist and bought (from craigslist) two smaller ones that we are using as dual purpose dressers/nightstands. And now since there is not so much of the color in the room and after I finally switched out the dresser knobs - now I like it. 

I'll post more photos of the bedroom and the other rooms once I get them finished....still working on curtains....

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wedding photos by Brian Ray Studios

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  1. Love the painting, love the wall color-HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!