Monday, August 15, 2011

what I've been up to....

So.....I am not working 9-5 anymore....but I have been crazy busy. I went on vacation, packed for a week, and then we moved. Now we've been here a week and I am finally feeling like things are getting under control. I can't imagine how we could have moved here with me still working because we have had lots going on in the daytime that meant I had to be at home during business hours. 

Like today. I was at home waiting on a new hot water heater. Yes....we had hot water heater issues again. We have had that trouble a lot lately. At our old apartment we had our hot water heater leak while we were on vacation and cause lots of problems. The maintenance people replaced that hot water heater with what they said was a new one - but we are pretty sure it was just one from another unit - because they had to replace it again this spring. We did see new packaging with that one, so we thought it was finally a new hot water heater. Then we moved to our new place, got the gas and everything turned on and had some great hot showers....for the first few days. Last Thursday we noticed the water was lukewarm and not getting hot. On Friday we had no. hot. water. When I went out to the garage to check and make sure it was lit - I saw that the hot water heater was leaking. Great. Just great. At least it was leaking out in the garage, not inside this time! So I was on the phone with our property manager and although we talked several times that day, she couldn't get us a new hot water heater until Monday. Andy was not happy about cold showers all weekend and it wasn't great for washing dishes. But we made it through the weekend, and I was really happy when they replaced it today and we now have hot water!

And look what else got delivered today - 

the antique buffet cabinet I bought this weekend! (and I got the basket thing next to it at the same place)

I had been looking for something for this long wall in the kitchen and I really needed some more storage. I hadn't been able to find anything I liked that wasn't crazy expensive. This weekend we were out looking at lawn mowers and drove by an antique store that looked like a fun place and I went in and loved a lot of things in the shop. It had a lot of neat things and really good prices. I found exactly what I was looking for in this buffet cabinet. It has some rough spots and is missing one of the drawer pulls (I have the other one off in this photo). I am not worried about finding new drawer pulls - will probably try to find something different and funky. And I am still considering painting it. It is in decent condition, but my kitchen furniture is a much lighter wood color and I just like painting furniture. So we'll see. 

We are learning our way around and figuring out where our closest grocery stores and things are. We visited a Methodist church yesterday that is really close to us and Andy liked the pastor. We are going to check out a few more churches in the coming weeks, so we'll see where we end up church-wise. Its fun that we live in an area with a lot more younger people than there seemed to be our last town (it was a big golfing/retirement area).
And that's about it. I have been back and forth to the old place a few times to clean up and sell some of the furniture that we left there. I just sold our dresser (that I had painted) to a family re-doing their daughter's room. Love Craigslist!

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