Friday, August 05, 2011

our poor sofa....

I have been packing like a crazy person all day. All week really. I feel like I have to weed out and throw out a ton of stuff every time I move so I end up taking twice as long to pack I think because of all the sorting and organizing and finally getting around to putting it in boxes at the last minute. Which I felt like was today. The moving truck doesn't come until Saturday morning, but I have to be at the new house (which is an hour away) tomorrow to receive our new sofa. It should be delivered sometime in the afternoon so I am heading over there with a trunk load of dishes and things that I didn't feel like packing up the right way to put away while I wait. 

Wonder why we are getting a new couch?

This is this why.

Yup. Those are some big ink stains on a pretty well worn sofa cushion. 

While I was up in Baltimore, my husband left the dog at home for some pretty long days. She did great for 10-12 hours at a time by herself, but one night when he came home after work, let her out and fed her and he left again to get some dinner. When he came back after just 20 min. or so, he found our dog, Maggie, chewing on a pen that dropped out of his pocket. And she had already made this huge mess with the ink leaking out. 

When I got home and saw it - I wasn't a fan. But I wasn't too upset either. We had been discussing the idea of a new sofa and this "incident" pushed the discussion along to a swift yes. We got this sofa the week after we got back from our honeymoon when I was frantically fixing up my husband's bachelor pad. I wanted living room furniture that was more the futon he was then using. We didn't have a big furniture budget at the time - just used some of our wedding gift money. I found a really good deal on craigslist (love it!) on a 3 piece living room set of a sofa, chair and a half, and ottoman that were really nice. They have been great for the last 3 years...but we have used the sofa hard and we have noticed that there is lots of pilling on the cushions and we are sinking into it more lately due to one of the boards in the back breaking. So yeah. Not too upset. Maggie and her pen stains helped my cause. But I won't ever let her in on that secret - and I told my husband that he needs to never drop any pens again.

Last Saturday we got the keys to the new house and then we went over and measured our new spaces. We went furniture shopping and we were both pretty surprised at how painless a process that finding a new sofa was for us. I had been shopping around online and knew the prices and ideas of what we were thinking about. We went to only a few stores and I let Andy talk me into getting a leather sofa - but if I was going to get leather, I had a pretty good idea of what style leather I liked. We found one we both liked at a local furniture store that had great customer service and a local warehouse. Which meant that we could the new sofa delivered before we moved and we wouldn't have to move the old sofa and worry about what to do with it when we got the new one in a few weeks like most of the other furniture stores recommended we do since their delivery time was 4-6 weeks later. We both really liked that. It's a little crazy though - neither of us has ever bought a "new from the furniture store and not IKEA" furniture before. And while we were feeling all grown up and all, we decided to go ahead and get the new washer and dryer we had been talking about for a while that day too. Lots of new things to go with the new house.

So tomorrow is new sofa delivery, Saturday is moving day, Sunday is washer/dryer delivery day, and Monday we have the gas and TV/phone/internet guys coming to turn on the rest of the utilities. Pray that all goes smoothly and that I manage to not go too crazy in the next few days!

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