Monday, August 29, 2011

monday morning thoughts...

  • I was up and out early this morning (6ish) to take husband to work since we had left one of our cars there yesterday. This weekend was crazy for him work-wise due to hurricane/tropical storm Irene - he works for the American Red Cross and they had to do some disaster coverage of call centers and things. He had to work on Saturday and early (4am) Sunday morning, so I went to base and took him breakfast yesterday to cheer him up. His job has been crazy in general for the last few weeks and he is pretty stressed - I'm hoping and praying that it gets better for him this week.
  • We were very thankful to not have really been affected by the hurricane where we are in NC. We were far enough inland that all we got was a little rain and a lot of wind. We put our trash cans and all inside the garage to get ready, but that was about it. We didn't even lose power. So thankful that is was not as bad as expected and praying for those who are still dealing with issues and damages from the storm.
  • I have been busy with the house still. Last week I got the guest bed set up and got that room straightened out some. Still a ways to go, but if anyone wants to visit - there is a place to sleep now! I started working on my office/art studio and put together a new desk. Pics of these rooms to come when I get more finished. Still need to make lots of curtains. 
  • We finally cleared out our old apartment! We had to pay through the end of the month so we left some old furniture that we were trying to sell on craigslist there along with some random things that I didn't get packed up. We did end up selling a dresser and our old washer and dryer, but had issues with our old sofa! We gave away some things and threw some more out. It took more trips back and forth than I would've liked, but it's finally finished. This whole process of moving has been exhausting. Andy has had to work a lot of hours lately and hasn't been around too much to help and even when he was around, he isn't able to lift hardly anything due to his hip injury. So I have really had to do almost everything by myself. I hadn't ever had to move a whole apartment before and always was blessed to have help from my family and friends for other moves. We are still glad we moved....I am just very glad to be done with it for now!
  • Last week I had a very fun visit from my good friend Emily Joy and her family. Her husband had a work conference in Raleigh, so she and the kids decided to tag along at the last minute. I went up to Raleigh on Wednesday and spent the day with them - we found a fun rose garden to let the kids run around in and took some photos. We checked out downtown Raleigh and toured the capital building. We did a little mall time and in the evening went to the art museum sculpture gallery. It was a fun day of exploring! The next day Emily Joy came down to visit me and she was excited to see our new place. It was fun to have her over since she has never been able to visit me in NC before. I showed her around our new town a little and we found a children's museum that was a lot of fun for the kids. Her husband even got to come down for dinner, so Andy got to see them too. So glad they made it for a quick visit (and did such a long trip with two young children!) and hope they had a good time.
  • This week I am going to be working on more house stuff - sewing, organizing, and decorating. Work on my office/studio more set up and hopefully start painting and photography stuff. Hopefully remember to blog a little more too. Still getting new routines going and finally feeling like I'm getting into a new "normal" for my days.
Happy Monday!

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