Friday, August 19, 2011

iPhone pic friday...

I've missed a few Fridays lately - been busy with lots of moving and things. But here are my iPhone Fridays that are (mostly) from this week:

This was probably two weeks ago - the day we moved in our new house. Dog relaxing on our new sofa and husband taking a pic of me taking a pic.

Our dog had to get used to having a yard. She wasn't too sure about it at first, but now she loves it. It just took her a few days to realize that we didn't have to have her on a leash - we think she must have been at an apartment or on leash all the time at her previous owners.

Husband putting together a new entertainment cabinet. 

Me building things. Slightly dangerous.
But it turned out ok.
I made a table/shelf thing to go behind our sofa since I couldn't find what I wanted.

I love living (very) close to a Target now!
I used to be over an hour away from a Target and missed it lots.

Love BLT sandwiches in the summertime.

When I was working full-time at the bank, I used the excuse that I was too busy and tired after working all day to workout.
Now I have no excuse.
Feels good - just need to get in the habit.

Hope everyone had a good week!
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  1. I live right across the street from a Target. Its pretty much my second home! :)