Thursday, August 18, 2011

home depot...

I mentioned that we were looking for a lawn mower. Andy finally went ahead and got a new one (I was thinking a craigslist used one since we don't know if we will have a yard at our next place, but we couldn't find many decent ones) along with a weed eater, and a lot of new tools when he was at Home Depot last Sunday. He is enjoying having a house and yard and even a storage area in the garage to put everything. Boys and their toys.

I went to Home Depot a few days later and got a few things too. I got a step ladder (because I am really short) and some painters drape cloth. Andy came home and was asking what I was going to paint that I needed so many packages of drape cloth. I told him I had other plans for the cloth - another one of my crazy ideas. I had read on some decorator's blog about how nice and think and texture-y that Home Depot's drape cloth was and decided to try it out. I had been to the fabric store and couldn't find any fabric for a decent price that I liked, so I figured I would try something else and use the drape cloth for some nice neutral curtains. 

It took a lot longer and was a lot more frustrating to put up the curtain rods than it should have been....due to the fact that our walls are apparently crazy and have metal or something in them so that I couldn't figure out where the studs were (and I was using a stud finder and everything). But here is what I ended up with:

I really like them. And yes, I did iron them (after I took this photo). I just was so happy to finally be able to get them up! 

I still need to make some more pillows (since these are just the fabric draped against the current pillows) but the living room is getting there. I think I might want a yellow striped pillow and maybe a burlap one or two.

Maggie just slept through all my hammering and activity. 

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