Monday, July 11, 2011

my last day...

Today was a big day. 

It was my last day working here.

I was very blessed to get a job at this little local branch of a huge company nearly three years ago. I interviewed for the job on the phone and then in person when I was down here visiting my then fiance' and bringing a carload of my stuff down to NC. I found out that I got the job just a few days before I got married. And I started one week after we got back from our honeymoon. I had an awesome teller manager  (who is also a pastor's wife) who was very patient with me learning a completely new job. It took me a while to get the hang of balancing and counting money. all. day. long. For a little while it was a good challenge and I got to know a lot of people and businesses in the community. But for an artistic person, this was not a job that my friends thought I would do for very long. I think I surprised everyone, because I lasted longer there than I thought I would and we really were blessed for me to have such a close, decent paying (for this area) job in a crazy economy. 

I've been ready to do something new for a while now. I thought I was going to get to end my time there last year when we were going to move to England for Andy's job.....but then plans got changed and all of a sudden we weren't going. So I had to ask my manager if I could stay at my job since we weren't moving after all. They were glad to have me stay. And I made it through another year of doing a very repetitive, right-brained job. I felt like I did and said the same things every. day. all. day. long.

So this year when we found out that Andy was going to deploy and we now had some financial stuff taken care of (thanks to Andy's settlement)...we sat down and looked at our budget and decided that I really could quit my job at the bank and try and get my photography and design business going while he was gone. 

But as you all know....he didn't end up deploying. 

And while we are very happy about once again changes our plans. 

We had to sit down and look at things again. And we ended up deciding that while things will be a little tighter, we still can make our budget work without me working at the bank. I felt a little weird about telling my boss that I still was going to quit on the same date we had originally set - and that nope, Andy wasn't deploying. It is one of the first times in my life that I have quit a job and not had another job lined up. I have worked really hard, usually at multiple jobs, for years and years. But now I'm just leaving a job. And going to try and figure out how to do some things I love and actually get paid for it.

My husband is amazingly supportive and has even decided that he is going to be my Vice President of Sales (he came up with that title). And we are probably going to be moving to a little bit bigger place (so that I can have a room for an office/creative space) that is closer to Andy's job since we don't have my job tying us to this area. And I've got a lot of other ideas about things I want to do with my new freedom. 

I'll keep you posted.

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  1. I wish you ALL the best! I'm sure it will be wonderful! Great plans are ahead for you!