Friday, July 08, 2011

iPhone friday photos....

I'm having fun taking quick pics with my camera and then sending them out with the iPhone instagram app. My husband is too - he is the one who told me to instagram a few of these! 

Anyways, here is our random week.....

I made some Rolo brownies to take to a family gathering.
I was planning to make Rolo cookies but when I got home on Friday night, 
I was exhausted and my foot got twisted or something at work and was killing me.
So these seemed easier. And still delicious.

On Saturday we went to the Darius Rucker concert.
It was a really good concert at a great outdoor concert venue.
And we went with Andy's family - we all had a good time.
Even the non-country music lovers in the group.

Fourth of July up at the lake.

Husband swimming.
Me and the dog up on the dock.
I had taken a shower and didn't feel like getting back in the lake water that day.
I did a lot of swimming the day before.

We have been traveling so much lately that I have not been doing hardly any cooking.
We have been grabbing quick meals and take out.
This week I went back to cooking.

Also made some blueberry muffins with fresh summer blueberries - yum!

This was a photo that my husband told me to take.
I was trying to type and the dog was trying to "help".
Not so helpful.

And that was our week....check out some other phone photo pics here.

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  1. Died laughing at the picture of your pup on the keyboard!