Friday, July 29, 2011


So....since I didn't post these iphone pics last week - here are some random photos from the last 2 weeks. 

Before I left NC for Baltimore, I ran around trying to get our rental house lease signed and paid for and all. It was a little chaotic since Andy couldn't leave work and I had to get him the check to give them after he signed later that day. And I had to go on base and get inspected and all. Fun, fun. But this is going to be our new back yard - we're excited that it's fenced in for our dog and that we will get this fun deck to grill and hang out on.

I finally got on the road and drove up to Baltimore.
I love the view of DC and knowing that I'm almost to MD.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer in Baltimore is to go to Little Italy movie night.
They close down a city block and show a movie on the side of the building.

We grabbed dinner from a deli down there and then got cannolis for dessert.
So. Good.

My sister got some MD crabs one night for some of her co-workers and invited me over.
I miss eating good crabs.
You just can't get them anywhere but Maryland.

This was the aftermath of my sister's and my crab eating.

I have been busy packing this week to get ready to move, 
but I took a few minutes to make a few "baby legs" for a friend's baby shower.
They were really easy to make - and she seemed to like them!

I have been trying to weed out things we don't need/use anymore
 so that we don't move around a lot of extra stuff. 
Books are always the hardest things to part with....but we decided it was time.
We ended up getting rid of a lot of books and 
we donated five bags of theology books to our church library so that others can enjoy them.

And that's what I've been up to - check out some more instaFriday pics here.

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  1. your shots are great. and, i LOVE the header on your blog. have a great weekend!