Friday, July 01, 2011


Last weekend while on our mini-vacation, we had fun wandering around in Atlanta.

Andy convinced me to go check out the CNN building and go on a tour.
It was a pretty neat place - lots of activity and huge plasma screens everywhere.

We went up to the top of the Westin and checked out the view. 
There is a cool rotating restaurant called the Sundial up there too if anyone ever wants to do an interesting date night in Atlanta.

My husband loves the Varsity restaurant and so we always try to make a trip there when we are in town.
This time we just did the drive up and I tried an apple pie.

We drove home from Georgia and waved hi to Pedro's as we went through SC.

Unpacking....since Andy ended up not deploying.
What to do with all the random stuff?

Finally got around to grocery shopping after just grabbing things here and there for the last few weeks in between trips. 
I got the essentials - wine and chips and salsa.

life rearranged


  1. I'm visiting from LifeRearranged. Looks like a fun week!

  2. Pedro' has been awhile...