Monday, July 25, 2011

back home....

I am back from a nice, long, vacation up to Baltimore. Andy had to stay here and work and he and the dog managed ok (with only a few issues....namely destroying our couch....I'll show you a photo of that later) without me.

I drove up to Baltimore last Thursday and drove back home to NC this past Friday - so I got a whole week up there. And in that week, I went to a really fun street festival called Artscape that I used to love going to when I lived in MD. I went with a really good friend and we had a great time. Then that night we also went to a movie in Little Italy in downtown Baltimore - the movie is played on a screen of a building and everyone sits in a parking lot and it just kind of invades the whole block - it's a lot of fun. I got to hang out with my family and we went and saw the last Harry Potter movie together. And we teased my 15 year old brother about girls - but he was a good sport and he and I got along good together while my parents were out of town. I stayed with him at their house for the week and drove him back and forth to the day camp he is working at this summer. He even did a "senior" photoshoot with me - in the crazy hot weather. He was a good model. Here is one of my favorites:

We will do his real senior photos next year.

While I was there I got to celebrate a lot of birthdays! My good friend Emily celebrated with a few of us girls by going out to a bed and breakfast about an hour outside of Baltimore. It was on a farm and a fun, random time. A few days later we also celebrated another good friend's birthday with chinese takeout, a movie and some brownies.

Love these girls!
We have been friends for over 15 years now - crazy how time flies!

And I got to bake a cake and organize a little family get-together for my sister, Katie.
My brother and sister-in-law from Boston came in that night on the way to other things that weekend so we were happy they could join us!

It was a fun week and I got lots of good girl time in and some cute photos of their kids! I am so thankful that I was able to get up there.

Now that I'm home.....I have to tackle a lot of packing and cleaning. Yes - packing - since we are moving out of our crazy apartment! Before I left for Baltimore we signed a lease for a new house that we are going to be renting in a bigger city close to where Andy works! He has been commuting about an hour everyday for over 3 years and its really been getting to him lately. We were planning to move after he deployed, but now we are just going to go ahead and do it since we had already given our notice at our apartments. We can move into the house as early as this weekend.....but since I am only just starting packing, we are thinking that we will take our time (since we don't have to be out of our apt. until the end of August) and probably move over the next few weeks. 

We are both really excited about the move and love the house that we'll be renting. 

I just hate packing. 

And I've been sitting here blogging and procrastinating enough.....more updates later.

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