Thursday, June 02, 2011

wrapped around his finger...

It was great to get to see my family this weekend (even though it was for a sad reason - my grandmother's funeral). My niece was adorable and has gotten bigger and much more talkative since I last saw her. She kept all of us entertained. Mom and dad said no more cookies. So she went and asked my dad, her grandpa.

"Cookie? Cookie please Pop-pop?"
And of course he gave in.

My brother, her uncle, tried to get her to share her cookie with him.
I don't think he was too successful.

It's good to be cute.
And my dad's only grandkid (so far).
Such a fun game - to have her grandpa wrapped around her finger.

Check out some more photos of all kinds of games here.


  1. Awww, how precious. So sorry about yoru grandmother...

  2. Very cute pictures!

  3. the way it should be - right?

  4. so sorry about your grandmother. your niece is adorable, i would probably give her a cookie too :)!

  5. Amazing how blue her eyes are- matching her shirt and the cookie icing!