Monday, June 06, 2011

weekend at the lake...

This weekend we went up to visit Andy's family at their lake house. We had a great time visiting with them and relaxing.

Andy spent a good bit of time napping and swimming.
I even got in the lake on Sunday.

Views from the boat.

Thanks so much Darrell and Rae for letting us come out and visit! 

Today it was back to work. Sigh. Andy had a long day and dealt with a difficult case with his clients. I had another very boring day. And then I came home and could not get myself motivated to do any of the cleaning that I had been telling myself all day that I needed to come home and do. But I did manage to run to the grocery store and make a dinner that we both enjoyed. Maybe someday soon I'll clean up around here...we've just been going so much lately a lot has built up and I'm just not managing to attack the piles.

Hope everyone had a good weekend too!

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