Thursday, June 30, 2011


Since we've been traveling a lot lately....a few things have been neglected. I do not have the greatest green thumb, but I do like having a few plants in our home. So I found a really hardy variety of.....something....and it has stood up to my abuse for the past 2 years. But this Tuesday when we came home and I happened to look its way - I thought I had really killed it once and for all. It looked really dead....all the leaves were beyond drooping and there were quite a few brown ones. I decided to try and give it a little love anyway and picked off some of the brown leaves and gave it a lot of water. I should have taken a photo.....but I didn't. Trust me. It was really dead-looking.

The next morning, I was amazed - the plant had bounced back and looks like this now. Which is a lot better then how it was before. Gotta love the miracle of water. 

This plant however, is a replacement. I had a little hydrangea that did die. Even though I tried to revive it to - it was apparently past the point of saving. So I picked up this pretty rose bush last night and am going to try and take better care of it!

Check out more water photos here.

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  1. I have no green thumb either. I killed all our plants last winter and allowed myself one new one. Alas, it's on its last leg (leaf?) now, too. But, yay that you revived yours!