Wednesday, June 15, 2011

very random....and photos from the bathroom...

We've been busy. Life is kinda crazy for us right now and it's going to continue to be a little insane for a while. We've been enjoying time together and taking some weekend trips. And our home was pretty much a wreck up until this weekend. I just haven't had much time or desire to do much cleaning. Basically the only thing I've been doing regularly is laundry (in between unpacking and re-packing). So when I saw that You Capture's photo challenge this week was "bathroom" photos - I figured it was high time to do a little deep cleaning....before I took any photos. 

While I was cleaning....I realized that our sink was really clogged. So I ended up taking pictures after cleaning, while waiting for the Drano to do some magic. This has got to be the most exciting blog post ever. is my favorite photo from our bathroom:

I got this nightlight at Kirkland's and thought it was pretty - the blue and gold colors on it match the rest of our bathroom. 

Our bathroom (the only one in our apartment, by the way) is really small. Hardly any storage and a tiny sink counter. I am really hoping for a bigger counter at least in our next place.

Balancing my makeup bag and makeup is a daily challenge. But I do it anyway. Because it helps me wake up and feel human when I put it on. 

My current faves - Smashbox is amazing eyeshadow. Really pigmented and great colors. And I use Everyday Minerals makeup for pretty much everything else. I found it last year and it is a great more natural mineral makeup that is working great for me. And it's a lot cheaper than Bare Escentuals.

{this is my close up/macro shot for a new to me photo challenge blog - Little Somethings - check out more macro shots here}

I'm a contact lens wear-er. Started wearing them only 6 years ago or so. When I found out I needed glasses in middle school, I didn't think I'd be able to handle putting in contacts. So I opted for glasses. But I hated wearing them and took them off more than I had them on all through high school and college. I would keep glasses in the car for driving, but that was about it. I finally started to get annoyed by the blurry-ness while working at an engineering office and staring spreadsheets with tiny numbers all day long. I went to the eye doctor and decided to try contacts - since glasses clearly weren't working for me. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but I am a fan now. 

with contacts.

with glasses.

and that's my random post and random photos.
check out some more bathroom photos here.

 {I just found out that You Capture is on hold this week because Beth is needing a break from blogging. I am going to post this anyway because it's been all I've gotten around to posting this week so far and I'll link it up with her next week too}


  1. your two lasts photo have nice colors!

    via little somethings
    Light Trigger: our entry

  2. Oh wow, I really like the third photo! Great job!

  3. I like the honesty. :-) I hope things settle down for you soon.

  4. I was the same way about contacts! I just couldn't imagine sticking my finger in my eye every day. But I wore them for eight years before giving up. Now I'm all glasses all the time. =>