Wednesday, June 29, 2011


June was a crazy month. Lots going on. Lots of memories made and photos taken. But this was my favorite photo, I think.

We went up for a quick trip to Maryland for my Grandmother's funeral at the very beginning of June. A sad time, but a good time with family. And it was great to spend a little time with my family. 

My adorable niece kept us smiling. And when she saw this photo of herself on Facebook, she said "Oh no, made mess". But she's such a cute mess!


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  1. Cute photo! Love the color of her eyes! :)

  2. Have you entered any photos in a contest on The Pioneer Woman? I think you should :)

  3. that's such a cute picture! her eyes are so blue. thanks for linking up!

    p.s. i LOVE your header. really.

  4. She is too cute and smart! Love your blog header - too funny! Love it!

  5. ka-uuuute! love it :)oh, you should totally enter that pic in my photo contest :) the theme is anything :)