Sunday, June 26, 2011

iphone photos...weekend edition...

So this is a few days late due to all that is going on with my husband, Andy getting ready to deploy. But I've been having fun taking iPhone instagram photos throughout the week, so I wanted to share them anyways.

Our dog, Maggie, looking cute but being a pest at the lake last weekend.

On Monday I (still) had a bad migraine and left work a little early to go to the doctor. I got a painkiller shot and some new meds so I am hoping my migraines will do better.

Andy was off work for the week and took me to dinner at Mellow Mushroom to make me feel better.
Mellow Mushroom is a new restaurant for our little town and was pretty good!

Andy and Maggie.
He is going to miss his dog while he is deployed.

Maggie in her car seat - going for a long car ride down to Georgia for a mini-vacation before Andy deploys.

We dropped Maggie off with Andy's mom and grandmother while we went to stay at Stone Mountain.

Us on top of Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Andy in front of the stone carving.

And that was our week! 
Stay tuned for more vacation photos and what I'll be doing to keep busy while Andy is deployed.

life rearranged

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