Friday, June 10, 2011


I found a new, fun blog recently. Yep, I read a lot of blogs. You should see my insane blog reader. But this  blog is a new favorite. A mom with a great story and a heart to help people. And she is doing a really fun blog hop. I decided to join in this week.

You are supposed to take your phone pics from the week and post them. So here is our Instagram iPhone pics.

Andy getting shots by abigail lauren

Not a great start to the weekend..nothing bad, we just had to drive around Greensboro to find a clinic to get Andy some shots for his job. Finally ended up being able to get almost all of them at a Minute Clinic in CVS.

At the lake

Then we went up to the lake.
Relaxing and riding on the boat was a much better way to spend the rest of the weekend.

Watching bachelorette and drinking hot tea

Monday night tea watching (guilty pleasure) the Bachelorette.

Boring day at work...reading on my kindle

Boring day at work...waiting for clients....reading on my kindle (because, yes, I was that bored out of my mind and my manager could care less)
and dreaming about doing something  else....soon....

Banana bread and ziti to share with a friend

I made ziti and banana bread for us and a friend from my Bible study.
She and her family are moving down to Florida and we offered to take over some meals this week so she could pack up more of her kitchen.

Hot day

We had some really hot days this week!
I think this was Wednesday.

Maggie after bath

And we took Maggie to get a bath and brushed (we were a little afraid she picked up fleas this weekend since she had been scratching a lot - but she didn't - just got a good professional brushing anyways). 

And that was our exciting week.

life rearranged


  1. fun photos! Your dog is adorable!

  2. cute blog! love your header! hopping over from life rearranged... isn't instagram the greatest?? ziti is my fave! and yours looks delish!

  3. Bachelorette is once of my guilty pleasure too. How lucky are you that you get to read your kindle at work?!