Tuesday, June 28, 2011

expect the unexpected....

So the last few days have been like a whirlwind. Lots going on. Lots of traveling. A whole lot of craziness.

Last Wednesday we left for a little trip to Georgia. We were going for a couple of reasons - to spend some good time together before Andy left the country for a 4 month deployment, for him to say goodbye to his mom and grandmother, and to leave our dog with his mom for a little while. We had a good trip, enjoyed spending time with his family, and then we had to come back home on Sunday so that he could finish packing up. We packed like crazy Monday morning - you need a lot of random stuff for 4 months! After we got his one suitcase and stuffed backpack in the car, we went up to see his dad, stepmom, sisters and brother up in Greensboro. We had a fun dinner with them to say goodbye and were glad we got to see everyone. 

This morning we got up and went through the emotional drama of saying goodbye and I dropped him off at the airport. It was hard, but we were both ready and knew it was a good career thing for him. He had his military orders, got his plane ticket and went through security. 

I decided to do a little retail therapy in the city before I came home to an empty house. About an hour after I dropped Andy off at the airport, I got a phone call. He called and said I needed to come back and get him because he had just been notified that his team didn't need to deploy after all. He was notified 20 minutes before he was going to board the plane. Crazy, right?

So tonight we are both back home and are thankful to be not be separated for 4 months. And Andy is going to take a few more days off to re-group mentally and go pick up his dog. We're looking forward to celebrating 4th of July with family. 

We are just recovering from all the craziness tonight.

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  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Andy, I am sorry that this happened to you, I know you were excited, anxious and focused on the mission. Yet, that is the nature of the beast, it has always been that way with the military "hurry up and wait". Too many times I circled a DZ only to be told at the last minute the winds were too high. Good luck and God Speed on your next assignment.

    Abi, I can only imagine the stress and strain on you. I can rememember with advantage when Elva dropped me off for my deployment to Bosnia, and watching her walk away, and then the same thing happening when she dropped me at the airport for Iraq. Both times I could see her walking away and the pain in my gut was unimaginable, I can only guess what she was going through. My compliments on your strength to support Andy on this deployment and I am thankful you did not have to endure the four months away.