Wednesday, June 01, 2011

celebration of life....

We just got home from a good trip to Baltimore. We dropped our dog off at our wonderful pet sitter's  (who took her on short notice) house and then left on Saturday. We made it up to MD and took my parents and little brother out to dinner. On Sunday we tried to help out with getting some things ready for my grandmother's viewing and funeral. My sister and I also decided that my mom needed a little de-stressing time and took her out for a pedicure. My mom did an amazing job taking care of my grandmother in her final days....but she had been nursing her full-time - 24/7 for over 3 weeks and my mom was exhausted. That evening I spent getting some old photos of my grandma scanned and fixed up for a slideshow I put together on Monday morning. My other brother came into town and visited on Monday and helped me finish up the slideshow. It turned out really well and everyone seemed to like watching it that evening during the viewings. Our family was a little loud at the funeral home and everyone really was there celebrating my grandmother's life with lots of great memories and stories.
The funeral was on Tuesday and then we drove home today. A little bit of a crazy trip but it was good to be there and good to be with family.

My grandparents on their wedding day

I love this photo and my grandmother's expression.

And I love this one.
My grandmom holding me when I was a baby.

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