Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a boy and his dog....

My husband loves his dog.
I don't mind the dog too much. In fact, I picked her out. Andy says she is the best rescue dog he's ever met.  But when he was going to deploy and I was going to be doing some traveling, I talked him into letting me try and board our dog, Maggie, somewhere so that she would have a nice, stable place to stay for a few months until he got back and our life settled down again.

When we told Andy's mom about our wanting to board Maggie, she said that she would like to keep her for us instead. She was so sweet to offer and we knew she would take great care of Maggie for us. 

And Maggie would even get a playmate - her dog, Schmoop.

Maggie was a little sad when we took her down to Georgia and left her there. But she did great after that.

But then when things changed again and Andy ended up not deploying...he decided to drive back to Georgia today to pick Maggie up. I thought he was a little crazy for driving all the way there and back today....but he really missed his dog. They are both back now and life is getting back to normal.

We are so thankful to Andy's mom and grandmother for all their help and so glad that we got to go down and visit them.

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  1. "I don't mind the dog too much." Yeah right you're the one wanting me to go get her! You were missing her quite a bit...