Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a few things and some "pretty" pics...

So....I was not at all into blogging for that last week or two. Just got some stuff going on and was dealing with a lot of migraines. 

But a very quick recap....
  • we went to Greensboro two weekends ago and Andy had a great time with his dad - I had fun wandering around Target and an antique mall.
  • Andy got his wisdom teeth pulled last Friday and had a really good recovery. He wasn't in much pain afterwards or much last weekend.
  • my grandmother (my Dad's mother who is in her nineties) is dying. My parents have moved her into their house and my mom (who is a hospice nurse) is the full-time nurse and caregiver. She is doing an amazing job of keeping my grandmother comfortable and helping my dad and the whole family say goodbye. Praying for all of them. I wish I could be there. 
This week's You Capture photography theme is pretty.

I found this pretty rose while out on walk.

On Sunday I met up with a group of local photographers and we did a really fun photoshoot with a great family posing for us. 

This photo of the two very pretty girls was my favorite of the day.
Love their expressions and the sweet moment.


  1. I love them both! I love the light colors and bokeh in the first shot! Very pretty!

  2. You captured the girls perfectly. Love it.

  3. The edit on that rose is perfect! Very pretty!

  4. these are wonderful. I especially love the moment you captured with the little girls... just stunning!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother, and I hope your migraines are gone for good. I'm amazed you manage to find so much prettiness with all that you have going on!

  6. Flowers always get me- but oh how I adore that shot of the girls. It is so sweet & I love the relationship captured that way.

  7. Beautiful rose and love the one of the girls!

  8. Love the picture of the flower and little sweet!