Monday, April 18, 2011

spring cleaning...our closet...

This weekend we didn't have a whole lot going on, so (after sleeping in a little) I got up and started laundry and cleaning out our closet. After an hour or so....I had 3 full bags and an arm full of hang up clothes ready to go to the local consignment store. I meant to take a picture of the amount of stuff I found in my closet that I wasn't wearing or didn't fit right that I got rid of - I was amazed at how much there was there was - including 9 pairs of jeans! Anyways, I love taking clothes to the consignment store - the girls are friends of mine and its a great store that takes and sells a lot of my stuff....and if they don't take it or it doesn't sell, it gets donated to Goodwill. Either way - it's out of my house and I might make a little money.

I didn't get around to going through Andy's clothes....but he ended up doing it a little later in a different way. I was pulling a light load of clothes out of the dryer and noticed they were covered with pen marks. I groaned....Andy had left another pen in his pocket (this has happened before - but not with quite as much damage as this time - this time it got pretty much everything in the load). I tell him to empty his pockets before throwing clothes in the hamper and try to double check all the pockets again before putting it in the laundry - but somehow this one still got through. It was not good. It ended up ruining 3 pairs of Andy's khaki pants (that he wears everyday to work), a pair of his shorts, a few of his work shirts, a lot of under things and one of my newer summer  shirts. Arrrrggghhh.....

He looked at the pile of ruined clothes I dumped in front of him and he decided we needed to go clothes shopping for him. Which is something he never says. So I, of course, took advantage of a the not so great situation and suggested we go up and check out the new outlets that were about an hour and forty minutes north of us. Somehow I got him to agree and we headed up to Burlington, NC on Sunday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day and a nice drive. We made it up there and got a lot done - lots of new work clothes for Andy and very little for me. I think I was still amazed at how much I had cleaned out of my closet the day before and didn't want to bring a whole lot back in!

On the way up to Burlington, we both realize how fortunate we were to only be worried about cleaning our closet and not cleaning up after the bad storm and tornado that came very close to us on Saturday. The tornado touched down less than half an hour away from us and demolished a Lowe's home improvement store and did a lot of damage in several neighborhoods nearby. We drove by a few houses that were in pretty bad shape after the storm. I heard on the news tonight that 22 people were killed and over a hundred were seriously wounded. We are praying for them and their families.

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