Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Lately it's been hard to find things to smile about. Both my husband and I are feeling a little "stuck" in a few areas and it is putting the rest of our lives at a standstill. And it seems a bit....well....ungrateful to be saying that when there are so many people who are in a much rougher place than we are.....but that's how we are feeling. Praying hard and working on getting "unstuck."

Anyways....things to smile about:

  1. We had a nice relaxing weekend.
  2. My dad had knee surgery today that my mom says went well. Praying that he continues to do well and heals quickly.
  3. Cadbury eggs.
  4. Our dog Maggie....makes us smile everyday.....and I'm still not a dog person.
  5. These beautiful cupcakes that we had at a shower last week.

And this beautiful baby that we were celebrating at the welcome party/shower

(first time trying a mini photoshoot with a new baby....definitely need more practice and to learn how to edit baby skin)

Check out some more "smile" photos here


  1. Cadbury eggs definitely make me smile. And that sweet, sweet baby!

  2. Awesome cupcakes! Adorable newborn shot! I think you did great!

  3. I think the newborn shot is gorgeous! They are challenging though. I find toddlers so much easier, I'm hoping to do a workshop or two this year on newborn photography.

  4. Cadbury eggs make me smile too, they're my favorite!

  5. Well being English I am a great lover of cadbury cream and mini eggs and buy in bulk before Easter to last me a while :-)

  6. Funny- you describe exactly how my hubs & I have been feeling for a number of reasons. I'm actually doing a post about it tomorrow :) Praying for you both to find what you are searching for. HUGS!

  7. Aw!!! What an adorable baby! I love her head band. And great work with the cupcakes and photography!

  8. What a beautiful little baby :) Great captures!

  9. cute shots. And I love your header! :)

  10. I like your post and your list of things to smile about as well as your smile inducing piotures! Very nice.

  11. Cadbury's eggs are good, especially cream eggs - I've not even noticed those here yet this year, I'll be having a look at the shops later. Last year there were cream egg McFlurrys at MacDonald here but I never got round to trying them.

    I'm glad you can find a lot to smile about, I hope you get 'unstuck' soon.

    Have a lovely weekend,