Tuesday, April 26, 2011

*Shey*[B] camera strap review....

After I got my new camera, I decided that I wanted a new shiny camera strap cover to go with it. I checked out etsy and ended up going a *Shey*[B] cover since I had heard such good things about them.

They are fun, colorful, and well padded for comfortable carrying. And I was excited about the lens cap pocket.

I ordered this one in February.

She says on her site that due to the demand that her turnaround time is one month. I was a little bummed that it would take so long, but oh well. Well I still hadn't heard about it after a month and then went on vacation and came back and finally had an email towards the end of March that my camera strap cover had shipped. A few weeks later and I hadn't received it. I emailed *Shey*[B] a few times and they didn't know why I hadn't gotten it and finally got it to me after over 2 months of waiting.

I just got it at the end of last week.

So far I like it. It is fun and seems well made.

It just took waaaayyy too long to get to me. Even for a handmade product - I still expected it a little quicker. But they did respond quickly to my emails and finally got it to me.

The only other thing I don't like is that the lens cap holder is rather small. It fits my 50mm and 85mm Canon lens caps - with a very snug fit. But it doesn't fit my Tamron lens cap. I thought it would be a little bigger for a variety of lens caps.

But anyways, they are really nice.
And see how fun?

{edited to add}

Later in the day, after posting this, I received an email announcement from *Shey*[B] saying that her shop was closing for the summer for some family time and would re-open in the fall. But it sounds like she is going in a different direction with her product line and is not going to be offering camera straps when she re-opens. So if you want one - you'll need to head over to her site and order before she closes on May 1st!

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