Monday, April 11, 2011

blog frustration led to...

....this. I have switched back to Google's Blogger after being with Wordpress for a few years. I know most people who read this don't care and/or don't know the difference. But just to briefly explain for anyone reading - Blogger is a free blogging platform that works great for many people and has added a lot since I was on here last. But it has limited templates and not much ability to change things design-wise, so I had been trying and self hosting my blog with a web hosting platform which only cost me a few dollars every few months. I had to learn some code and get a bit frustrated in the process with getting it the way I wanted...but I had complete control design wise with everything.

Until someone started hacking my blog a few weeks ago. I have no idea why or how they were doing it and frankly we don't care. It was just really annoying. I thought I had changed enough security features, run all the tests and still the hacker kept getting in and blocking me out of my own blog and posting horrible pictures and threats. I worked with my server team to restore it twice, but finally I just decided it wasn't worth the time and frustration. I am not blogging for profit with this blog - just my own memories.  And while I liked learning and designing - I've just got too much going on right now to try and stay on top of it like I apparently need to do to keep it secure. Switching back to Blogger just feels easier and more secure - no one is going to want to hack Google's server.

So I'm back here (but still at - so you should be able to continue looking it up at the same address or following it in your reader like normal - let me know if you are having any problems) and I have recovered most of my posts - I just need to go back and fix all the photos so you can view them. I'm working on it slowly. But all this craziness did prompt me to change my header like I've been wanting to for a while - what do you think?

We otherwise had a good weekend - spent it up in Greensboro with Andy's family. It was great to see them and we are glad to see that Andy's dad is healing and doing so much better.

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