Monday, March 28, 2011

a no good, very bad.....

….horrible way to start a vacation – sick. Very sick. First with a cold in the beginning of the week, then turned into a double ear infection. I went to the doctor on Thursday right before we left and got some antibiotics and hoped they would kick in quickly. Since we live an hour and a half from the airport, we drove up to spend the night in a hotel so we wouldn’t have to drive early in the morning to catch our flight.  We stopped off at Target to get more medicine and painkillers and ear plugs for the flight. I was absolutely miserable that night and really didn’t know if I could make it on Friday morning when I woke up. I somehow dragged myself out of bed and we made to the airport.

With all this luggage. Way too much stuff, but I was sick and couldn’t think straight while packing and ended up just throwing things in – and somehow still didn’t bring a few things I really needed.

At the airport, my poor husband tried really hard to make me feel a little better and tracked down a Cinnabon (which I love – but tell myself that they only exist in airports because of the ridiculous amount of calories – since I don’t fly that much, I figure I can handle eating one only then. And yes, I know my rationalization makes no sense to anyone but it works for me).

The plane ride was really bad. My ears were killing me almost the entire time. Ear infections and pressure from the altitude changes should not ever mix. I think I nearly screamed a few times. But the only good thing about the flight was that we were flying JetBlue and they have a TV with DirectTV channels for every passenger. It was a good distraction from the pain since I don’t think I could’ve concentrated on my book. Neither of us had ever flown JetBlue before, but we really liked the airline and their service. We may try to fly with them again and would definitely recommend it. You also get one bag free which is becoming a rare thing.

I was so happy to get off the planes (yes…we did not have a direct flight so I had to do the whole screaming in pain when we took off and landed twice!) and finally get out of the airport in Florida. We rented a car and stayed at my parent’s timeshare near the beach (Thanks again Mom and Dad!) for the night.

Unfortunately, that night my asthma started acting up and I had a rough night. In the morning, after much debate and calling my mom (who is a nurse), we decided to find somewhere to get some heavy duty meds for the asthma so that I could (hopefully) not have any serious issues while on the cruise. We navigated Florida using my iPhone and found the perfect urgent care that took my insurance and didn’t even have a wait. I did a breathing treatment and got some steroids called in to the pharmacy across the street and we were good to go.

We finally got on the cruise ship Friday afternoon. After a no good, very bad, horrible day or two.
More photos and recap of the better part of our trip coming. And the rest are mostly with my good camera. While I was feeling so sick, I didn’t have any energy whatsoever, so I just pulled out my iPhone. And now I think these iPhone pics are pretty funny so I decided to share them.

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