Wednesday, March 02, 2011

a tech-y photo...

I love technology.  Not in the overly technical sense where I know all the numbers and details….but I do like staying up on the latest gadgets and at least knowing what’s out there.  I blame it on my mom who had us going to the library to surf the internet back when it was sloooow and you could only look up black and white periodicals.  I got my first email address (juno anyone?) back in the early 90s and emailed the one friend I knew who had email everyday.  I feel old.

I am loving this technology today.

My camera (taking this photo).
Starbucks from a friend.
And yes, the Starbucks is technology related because my good friend, Becki, sent me a Starbucks eCard that I printed out and took with me to the coffee shop this morning.  They scanned the paper and gave me coffee.  Love it!  And love the sweet gift from my friend who lives many miles away.

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