Tuesday, March 29, 2011

getting better....vacation pt. 2

So after all the whining and feeling horrible post from earlier….we finally made it to the cruise ship on Saturday afternoon. Getting on the ship wasn’t too bad and we made it to our room. We were really excited and happy to just sit down and enjoy the view from our balcony.

Andy loved watching all the other cruise ships in port.
He was ready to cruise.

I was enjoying the champange that our steward brought to us.
And I think I was just so relieved to finally be there after all the craziness and feeling so bad.
I look a little deliriously happy – probably pretty loopy from the meds.

The next day we were at sea and wandered around the ship.
We got dressed up for the formal night and had a good time.
I was finally feeling better after getting some rest.
But I was still having breathing issues.
And they continued most of the trip. Asthma is not fun.

The next day, Monday, was our first day in port. We were at Grand Cayman Island and had a fun tour of the island scheduled.

I liked the Turtle farm.

We had a good time on the tour and then we wandered around the shops near the pier a little.  Andy did get a worn out a little quicker than I had hoped, so we had to head back to the boat a little early. But it was a good day and neat to see somewhere new for both of us.

Next up, Honduras and Cozumel…

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