Monday, March 14, 2011


Just want to apologize to anyone who saw my blog today and saw a creepy picture.

I was hacked.

I didn’t even know about it until my sister-in-law alerted me  and I instantly freaked out. I was really worried that my blog was gone forever and that it would be a long and painful process to regain control. Thankfully it wasn’t that painful of a process and everything is back to normal – nothing lost that I can tell. I contacted my server and they reloaded everything. And it only took a few hours.  I am loving them right now. I figured out how to get my passwords back and changed them and am trying to put a few other security measures in place. And I’m looking into better back-up measures too.

Please back up your blog and make sure it’s secure if you haven’t done that lately.
grrr…..not a fun day.  But thankful it’s all back and just praying still about a big prayer for our family!

Oh, and on a lighter note – we got Maggie groomed today.  I told them just to trim her hair up a little.  They went really short on us – and it looks good – just very different.

This is a photo Andy took of her this evening.

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