Sunday, February 06, 2011

week 6...

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I got this pretty picture today and hung it up this evening.  I really like it.  Bright, cheerful, and much better than what I had previously hanging up for way too long.  I decided that in spite of all the craziness of our apartment complex [including a crazy customer following me home this week and now knowing where I live.  Creepy and not good.  I had to call our corporate security and file a report] and how badly I want to move out of it….I needed to at least enjoy what’s in our living room.

Trying to develop a better attitude.

I put these on the other wall.

How it looks [mostly] together.

(please ignore the lighting – we don’t have great light in our living room and I took these this evening….so no natural light and I just didn’t care to wait until it was better)

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