Tuesday, February 01, 2011

a hobby for both of us....

So last weekend was gorgeous!  In the upper sixties and maybe even seventy degrees.  We enjoyed it and had a really great weekend together.

And Andy found a new hobby.

That’s right.  My husband has taken up photography.  I showed him some things about how to shoot manual on our old DSLR and he apparently really enjoyed it.  We went out a little on Saturday and practiced and then Sunday afternoon he wanted to go to a neighboring town and shoot some more.

I didn’t mind.  I had a lot of fun.

Andy just likes different subject matter than I do.
I like people and nature type things.  He likes taking photos of planes and trains.  And trains are apparently easier – so off we went to a little town where Amtrak and CSX (I think?) meet up.

He even met a few other guys who were also there to take photos of the trains.  Apparently it’s a thing?  Who knew?

I’m happy he was having fun and practicing taking pictures.  But I was a little bored with trains so I took photos like this.

And this.
Then Andy took a few photos of me.

So much fun!
I’m loving having a hobby we can enjoy together.

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