Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's...

I have never been a big valentine’s day person (in college some friends and I usually celebrated singles awareness day instead and all went out to dinner).

Andy and I don’t usually really do much of anything to celebrate….but this year he was really sweet and surprised me with a gift that I love! I don’t think we’ll do gifts every year, but this year since we didn’t do much for Christmas and he knows how much I like to be surprised – it was nice. I feel a little bad since all I’m doing for him is making him a dinner I think he’ll like and a card. But the man doesn’t like being surprised. at. all. (he’s no fun). And I think we’re getting him a zoom lens for his newfound photography hobby which he’ll be happier with than whatever I’d get him.

Hope everyone has a great day – whether you’re celebrating or not!
{ image from Jessica }

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