Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I'm excited.

iPhone for Verizon.

Since almost all of our family and friends are on Verizon and in network (= free phone calls), we haven’t been wanting to switch cell phone providers.  But I have always secretly wanted an iPhone.  I love my macbook – I’m pretty sure I’ll love the iPhone and am looking forward to plugging it in and transferring things easily.  And it’s just cool.  So when I heard more reliably that it was really coming to Verizon this year, I held out on getting my upgrade in December and waited.

My waiting paid off……tomorrow is the pre-order date for existing customers.   Only they are starting pre-ordering at 3am – and when the “limited” quantities are sold out online, you’re out of luck until the official launch on Feb. 10 – which will also be very limited quantities. My friends who work at the Verizon store said they will only get a few in stores that day. And then it will probably be sometime in the beginning of March when they get more in stock. So basically it is going to be crazy. Just debating whether or not to join in the craziness and stay up until 3am to order it???

I might.

I don’t think I will stand outside in the cold waiting for one – but at home on my couch I can probably handle.

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